An application suite to control banking and financial information

TIGREARM is the most efficient solution to manage compliance, data check and production in the complex field of banking/financial reporting

Puma Database


No specific installation is required.
It can be also used on remote working – it needs only an Internet connection.
Maintenance interventions are centralised, so the time required for any changes is extremely limited.


Outputs are produced using widely-used formats.
Regardless of the specific module concerned, outputs are produced in the most used formats, including: Excel, Word, Power Point, Acrobat, Html, etc.


Many modules provide for a structured control system linked both to mandatory taxonomies (EBA validation rules, BCE, Bank of Italy, SRB, etc.) and to proprietary internal criteria for a cross-check among information and different periodicities.


The suite mainly works on an integrated environment, but it is not necessary to purchase each module.
It is possible to purchase single modules or a set of them (e.g. reporting and business intelligence reporting), with the possibility of an integration at a later stage.

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