The TigreArm module on primary reporting related to harmonised reporting facilitates the generation, validation and forwarding process of harmonised surveys (e.g. FINREP and COREP) in a clear and secure way. The structure of the module allows for the management both of technical aspects (XBRL language and taxonomy) and qualitative aspects, such as Excel templates and domain values. It includes an integrated function to identify and check the compliance with EBA/BCE validation rules and relevant customisations by the Bank of Italy. Therefore, it is possible to address any irregularities with a user-friendly process and produce rigorous and exact reporting with limited and simple steps, in the format required by supervisory bodies.


Powerful engine for data processing applying data mining techniques

Possibility to be filled-in starting from Excel and XBRL formalities

Accurate templates, with the relevant drop-down menus and checks on the sign

Preventive diagnostic system referring to all EBA, BCE and Bank of Italy rules. Checks are regularly updated with a centralised procedure

Inferred information, such as indexes, subtotals and totals, are derived in an automatized way

Functioning also for remote working, thanks to a centrally-managed updating process and its web-based feature

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