The TigreArm module on business intelligence allows for a quick and effective management of regulatory reporting and an in-depth and cross-check of data quality (data governance and data mining). Reporting can follow a pre-determined structure, but they could also have a free format, customised according to their category, granularity, accounting date and type, with the possibility to export them in a variety of formats. Moreover, the function related to input data simulation allows users to check the overall impact and make extremely accurate forecasts, underlining any inconsistencies among the surveys produced.


Powerful engine for data processing applying data mining techniques

Immediate availability of a wide repository of pre-determined reports, both relating to management and control indicators

Possible expansion guaranteed to include new reporting integration

Possible integration of sources, including company management software

Possible free development of new reporting, basing on the wide repository

Functioning also for remote working thanks to a centrally-managed updating process and its web-based feature

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