The TigreArm module designed to manage Bank of Italy feedback focuses on a key element of information management, that isthe comparison between company and system. This module includes Probability of Default (default rate in 1 year and referring to multiple periods), FINREP feedback and negative trend monitoring of bank loans. The systems is based on business intelligence, designed to manage also other disclosures – currently not yet introduced – and allows for a search within the data of ‘drill-down’ type (from synthesis data to elementary ones), as well as the setting of qualitative benchmarks for internal analysis (data mining).


Powerful engine for data processing applying data mining techniques

Targeted analysis for a comparison between company information and system

Possible expansion guaranteed to integrate new reporting

Business intelligence processes breaking down and analysing data in any aspect, setting useful and innovative benchmarks (FINREP indicators, PD average index, etc.)

Functioning also for remote working, thanks to a centrally-managed updating process and its web-based feature

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