BANKING COMPLEXITY & GOVERNANCE (A systemic and structured analysis on banking management)



  Rome - Hotel Atlantico 23, Cavour Rd. and Milan - Hotel Crowne Plaza 73, Melchiorre Gioia Rd.

  November 2015

The recent changes to the Supervisory Circulars in terms of governance and control systems introduced the need of a reflection on the themes related to the complexity of the banking activities in the current period.

The training unit of Save Consulting Group decided to organize a meeting to provide an in-depth analysis of such themes and their interrelations with Corporate Governance, Corporate Bodies and Control Systems.

For what it refers the contents, it has been deemed appropriate to underline some significant aspects explaining how effective governance systems, along with a proper organization, represent an essential condition for the achievement of corporate targets and constitute, together with the capital, the cornerstones for a sound economic-financial structure of the bank:

These are the necessary conditions so that banks can be able to:

  • Define strategies, consistent and appropriate to their own possibilities
  • Develop a timing action and reaction, fit and appropriate, in case of unforeseeable circumstances and events
  • Provide for a structured control systems, efficient and effective
  • Establish appropriate remuneration and incentive policies

During the last period, the financial news showed that times are changing and underlined that rapid changes to political/economical scenarios have to be considered a recurrent event in the banking system, leading to many 'mini-crisis' that despite having a very localised impact, significantly impact also on the financial market, transferring and spreading the shocks.

The regulatory bodies often intervene introducing restrictive measures and approaches, but – as it will be explained during the meeting – the most suitable solution consists in the introduction, instead of 'curative approaches', of preventive approaches, since they take into account not only time changes, but they also contribute to the creation of a more efficient and effective banking and financial system.

It should be noted that in case of significant levels of participation the afternoon sessions will be diversified according to the specific operational features, with specific themes.

Pubblicato il 17/11/2015


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