Anty-money laundering: last updates under the IV Directive effective from June 2017


  Banks and financial intermediaries

  Rome - 3rd May 2017 and Milan - 4th May 2017

  May 2017

Anti money-laundering and counter-terrorist financing have been and always be a central tragic issue.

The intention of European legislators is to achieve an increased and more in-depth control of some financial phenomena that, unfortunately, in some cases result in criminal activities performed both by organised crime and religious-political terrorist organisations.

The new Directive, thus, sheds light on the key role that intermediaries must assume, providing at the same time instruments and analysis tools now aligned to the new type of evalutation 'scoring'.

Indeed, the census cannot always and in any case be the base of the counterparty general assessment, but it has to be integrated with more suitable assessment techniques considering risk profiles, massive immigration phenomena and economic market in a wider and changing context referring to type of operations and interconnections.

Against this background, this meeting aims to illustrate the new legislative provisions, providing insights on the innovations introduced by Directive (EU) 2015/849 and on the draft Legislative Decree approved by the Italian Council of Ministers on 23rd February 2017.

During the meeting, the document submitted by the Director of the UIF to the Italian Chamber of Deputies on 27th March will also be analysed.

The above-mentioned themes do not require specific technical-legal skills; therefore, the meeting is addressed to only to the AML function, but to the Organisation, Audit and Compliance ones.

Pubblicato il 3/5/2017


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