Rome - 19th July 2017 and Milan - 20th July 2017

  July 2017

The topic of the harmonisation of data, or better said, the granular collection of credit data, is one of the key projects within the European macroprudential supervision. The reasons for this wide emphasis certainly may not be included in a few lines describing this meeting. However, some useful hints, which are also treated in this meeting, may be captured.

Analytical credit dataset completes an information process which aims at capturing the several analysis perspectives of a single, essential and mandatory need by the regulator: the knowledge, since only starting from this point informed decision can be adopted. Good quality data, control systems that, by crossing different variables, bring to light phenomena often ‘hidden’ and allow to experience first hand the qualitative thickness of the credit system of its kind.

At a national level, our Central Bank has followed, for some time, this direction; the new NPL reporting (reporting of non-performing positions) has been recently introduced, but even considering past reporting obligations, we come across the LD base, and before that (and we could say ‘in unsuspicious time’) the flow of loans decay.

The awareness is therefore high and, as a consequence, the number of information requested is relevant too.

In the light of the above, this meeting is intended to outline the new path aiming to satisfy the needs, in particular the reporting ones, without disregarding the principles of consistency and of qualitative governance of data which contribute to the creation of this reporting.

Thus, considering that the cross-sectorial topics are also interlinked among them, there is no need of specific technical-regulatory skills, since the interdisciplinary features of the meeting allow the participation of all business functions that, in various ways, contribute to the management of data on credit (Organisation, Risk, Credits, IT, Accounting, Audit and Compliance).

Pubblicato il 19/7/2017


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