Business intellingence solutions in the compliance and information management area


Support credit and financial institutions to optimise their investments and to reduce risks to company assets and liquidity, through consulting activities, IT instruments customised to clients’ need and training.


The strength of Save Consulting Group is the deep knowledge of banking processes and regulations, together with a timing transmission of the information to clients and a support provided to them in the implementation of any necessary measure.



Consulting and software tailored for our clients.



Transparency, honesty and focus on secured data.



Timing responses, with the highest speed and accuracy.



Constant adjustment of instruments to regulatory changes.

Our achievements

  • May

    Complete restyling of the TigreArm suite. In detail, now users can perform each kind of activities directly on the suite, thanks to the new EOL component, which has been integrated in the modules. Moreover, the module related to harmonized reporting, for each single disclosure, has been directly integrated with the regulations included in the Ren module.


    The consulting division has been extended, also including the commercial unit of credit institutions.


    The module related to business intelligence Mida BI has been integrated to consider also the needs related to the management control system of banks and financial institutions.

    Clients at the end of the year


  • May

    Our consulting division witnessed a strong growth due to the writing of new supervisory reporting processes for some banking customers.

    Moreover, the consulting wing further expanded in the Credit area, with particular regard to the compliance with EBA Guidelines (the so-called EbaLom) also related to the newly introduced changes on ESG.


    The TigreArm module for managing harmonised reporting was implemented with new reporting related to securities investment firms, in relation to the approval of the latest European regulations.


    The TigreArm module REN+ was updated with a refined documentary research system.

    Moreover, the documents contained in the repository are now connected to one another through proper cross-reference links, allowing users an easier reading.

    Clients at the end of the year


  • April

    Application of Business Intelligence to generate Pillar 3 tables

    Pandemic does not hinder training events: our courses are successfully held online


    Development of MidaBI module, comprising the management of ICAAP report

    Creation of the new module “Non-harmonised reporting”t

    Clients at the end of the year


  • Development of the MidaBI module within the TigreArm suite, referring to business intelligence of regulatory data provided to the Bank of Italy and ECB, with the possibility to carry out both trend and predictive analysis

    Clients at the end of the year


  • Development of the new software TIGREARM for harmonised reporting

    Increase in the number of clients using CANE+ and TIGREARM

    Opening of the new business line dealing with organisational processes

    Clients at the end of the year


  • September

    Graphic makeover of the website and implementation of a responsive graphic

    Integration of the consulting area with compliance & organisation processes


    Increase in revenues related to new consulting activities and software development

    Clients at the end of the year


  • September

    Update of software products, with an adjustment to the DPM transcoding and the production of Xbrl format for the LCR reporting


    Increase in revenues deriving from consulting activities, selling of products and training (seminars and in-house courses)

  • Clients at the end of the year


  • June

    Opening of an operative office in Rome city centre


    Growth of the product development area, including both software updates and new releases

    Increase in revenues deriving from the selling of new products and a more regular presence in the city of Rome

    Clients at the end of the year


  • March

    Beginning of the sale of products offering assistance on Basel III issues (B3 – Analyzer and E.RB.A)

    Training courses start to take place also in Rome


    Increase of web contacts: +112% in absolute terms and +163% in terms of new contacts, compared to 2013

    Increase in revenues deriving from consulting on Basel III issues and selling of software products

    Clients at the end of the year


  • February

    Quality certification ISO 9001:2008 EA35 – EA37 for planning and provision of consulting and training services in the banking and financial field


    Increase of web contacts: +150% in absolute terms and +198% in terms of new contacts, compared to 2012

    Clients at the end of the year

    43 (+153%)

  • March

    Restyling of the website and creation of the English version

    Development of new solutions for the compliance with European Banking Authority provisions and new regulations for financial companies


    Significant growth of training services, as a complement of consulting activities

    Clients at the end of the year

    28 (+100%)

  • June

    Establishment of the Head Office in Milan city centre


    Road show to introduce Save Consulting Group within the financial system

    Presentation of the Pum.ex software


    Increase in revenues of +33%

    Clients at the end of the year

    14 (+233%)

  • January

    Creation of Save Consulting Group. Legal and operative office in the same location


    Partnership with ABI (Italian Banking Association)

    Clients at the end of the year