Resolution Plans – The new RP Reporting


  Banks and financial intermediaries belonging to banking groups

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  April 2019

On 7th November, the Implementing Regulation (EU) 2018/1624 was published on the Official Journal of the European Union. It refers to standard form and templates for the provision of information on resolution plans of credit institutions and investment firms, according to Directive 2014/59/UE (BRRD). This Regulation introduces the mandatory reporting of useful information related to resolution plans.

This theme is even more complicated, since the modelling proposed by the European Banking Authority (Table Layout 281-RES within the relevant templates includes additional schemes linked to the LDR (Liability Data Reporting).

On 12th February, the Bank of Italy intervened on this theme, coding four new reporting basis, other than RP base, related to the above mentioned LDR.

The theme is complex, also because it depends on a high number of regulatory provisions on recovery and resolution.

This meeting aims at providing clarifications, together with guidance to understand and interpret the different information required, also referring to resolution plans and the specific terminology applied.

During the meeting, ‘TigreArm’ will be presented: an efficient tool to manage the reporting required.

Target Audience

Officers, analysts and employee working on resolution plans; organisation, IT, control and reporting officers.

Pubblicato il 4/3/2019


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