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Since its establishment in 2010, Save Consulting Group’s mission has been to help credit and financial institutions optimising their investments and reducing the risks to company assets and liquidity through consulting activities, the provision of IT instruments tailored on clients’ needs and training.

Our strength lies in the deep knowledge of banking processes and regulations combined with timely notification to clients, supporting them in the implementation of any necessary measure.

Our vision


Consulting and software tailored for our clients.


Transparency, honesty and focus on secured data.


Timing responses, with the highest speed and accuracy.


Constant adjustment of instruments to regulatory changes.

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EBA, new 2023 stress tests for banks: an overview

An increased number of credit institutions will be subject to the tests (9 of them are Italian), together with a reduced tolerance by the European Banking Authority. Two macroeconomic scenarios will be considered: a base one and an adverse one. The results will be published by the end of July.

Analysis of the four banking risks: what they consist of and how to manage them

Banks are typically exposed to four main risks: credit risk, operational risk, market risk and liquidity risk. The ‘reasoned map’ below will help to understand what they are, their causes and how credit institutions can avoid such risks to survive as well as prevent losses in investors and customers.

ESG, banks, and direct and indirect risk

What are the ESG? Which are the changes introduced by the sustainability regulations for banks? In addition to direct risk, which risks credit institutions have to directly face for their business, to support the financial activities of their clients?

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